Coast guards seize 2 geckos

The Bangladesh Coast Guard Outpost Naliyan carried out a raid in Mistripara, Gunari village, under Sutarkhali union of Dakop upazila in Khulna district on Monday morning and arrested a man who was in possession of two rare Tokay geckos.

The one of the geckos is 365g and measures 16 inches in length, while the other is 355g and measures 14 inches in length.

According to a press release, Mrityunjay (47) was the arrested smuggler.

The Nalian Forest Office received the geckos and detainee for legal action.

Tree felling, bird killing at RMCH protested

Rajshahi Environmental Body protested Monday against the destruction of trees and killing of Asian openbill Storks and their chicks at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.

They demanded an investigation into the incident, as well as punishment for those responsible.

To press their demands, fifty activists formed a human chain at Zero Point under the banners a number of environmental organizations.

Two Arjun trees were felled by hospital officials on Saturday as part of a garage construction project. Some 30 chicks of Storks died at the scene.

Numerous birds were found in the trees, hatching eggs and raising chicks.

Workers and local residents picked up about 30 more storks, and they took them home. Some 20 storks were killed on the spot, and many others were found lying around the tree.

According to hospital sources, approximately fifty trees will be cut down in order to make space for construction projects.

Referring to the human chain, speakers stated that the RMCH authorities' whimsical decision killed more than 100 offspring of the storks.

Vice-president of Bangladesh Biodiversity Federation and cofounder of Save the Nature and Live was Mizanur Rahman Mizan. He said it was cruel to cut down trees while the birds were nesting in the trees and raising their chicks.

"Biodiversity cannot be destroyed in the name development. Jamaat Khan (general secretary of Rajshahi Rksha Sangram Parishad) said that the officials from the hospital and the environment department cannot be blamed for the incident.

They also demanded that the authorities involved protect the birds and not cut down any more trees.

At the human chain, Shahjahan Ali Borhan (liberty fighter), Jibaboichitrya Sangrakshan convener Mahfuzur Rajman Raj, Nadi O Paribesh Bachao Andolan general secretary Hossain Ali Pieara, Eligible Youth for evolution-I founder Golam Nabi Roney, Youth Action for Social Change president Samiul Islam Shaon, and Mahasina Begum, president of Khetlal Bird Colony Colony president Mahasina Begum spoke.



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